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The Ridgeway, St Albans 

With a growing family, adding additional space with a layout that works for the family was crucial in this project.  The existing house lacked generously sized bedrooms and living spaces with 3 growing boys in the household.  The proposal of the project is to maximise the space in the house as much as permissible under planning and Prior Approval. 

The initial step was to prepare a Prior Approval application to St Albans council for a 6m single storey rear extension which was subsequently approved.  The 6m extension of modern construction would replace the existing rear extension and the existing (later added) side extension which houses a Utility Room.

Given the nature of the Prior Approval applications and the context of the final proposed development, a separate planning application was prepared and submitted to St Albans council in Hertfordshire to add the other elements of the proposal, double side and rear extensions.

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