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Muswell Road, Muswell Hill

A detailed planning application was submitted to Haringey Council for the refurbishment of a private top floor flat in the Conservation area of Muswell Hill.


The private underwent a major refurbishment to reorganise the living and kitchen to provide an open plan arrangement.  A new loft was also created in the existing attic space to provide an ensuite bedroom with large bifolding windows taking advantage of the views towards North London.  To improve the thermal efficiency of the property, all external walls were internally insulated and all windows replaced to double glazed windows.  The result is a modernised one bedroom flat converted into a two bedroom flat with modern features including a glass box in the loft maximising natural light.  Internal pocket doors were used in the flat to maximise space whilst giving a modern appearance.


Building Regulation drawings were produced for the proposal to demonstrate compliance with Building Standards rules and regulations.

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