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Lakeside Crescent, Brentwood


The project at Lakeside Crescent involved revitalising the exterior of the detached property and giving the house a new lease of life by creating a modern extension at the rear and remodelling the existing garage and the space above to provide an annexe. 


A detailed planning application was submitted to Brentwood council for the proposed alterations and was granted approval at the first attempt.


Externally, the existing degraded white timber weatherboarding would be replaced with untreated Red Cedar cladding from Newtonmore which will naturally weather to a grey finish and the brickwork rendered over in smooth white render to give a crisp finish. The existing porch would also see the existing porch demolished for a new porch cladded in black Trespa panels to give a modern contrast.  Over time, the new timber cladding exposed to the natural elements will give the building a modern contrast of colour and material.


The result of the alterations gives the building a new fresh appearance and modernises the existing property to give a contemporary appeal.

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